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Main Stone: Aquamarine Material: 925 Sterling Silver Plating: 24K Gold Occasions: Party/Wedding/Daily/Gift/Dating Height: 1.5cm Width: 1.5cm.
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Gentle spray,replenish water at any time,to keep the skin moist and soft.Combine rosa rugosa flower water to sooth and tone the skin,coruscate natural luster. With hamamelis virginiana water,chrysanthellum indicum extract,triticum vulgare germ extract and other plant nutrients,moisturize water and control oil,regulate skin moisture and grease balance.Can also be used to calm the skin after-sun,show a delicate skin feeling when soothing skin. .
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The shape symbol to bestow power of authority and to enhance good fortune and happiness. Helps to enhance one’s career luck, respect and recognition, and triumph of business pursuits. The lotus flower, it has spiritual significance as the Buddhists view it as a symbol of enlightenment, that which we all can achieve with our good works and pure hearts. It also symbolizes perfection, purity and integrity. A fortune frog with a Chinese coin in its mouth promises great prosperity. Fortune frogs play a prominent role in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. They symbolize wealth and prosperity and, when used in your home or business, they bring money and good fortune your way. .
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