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Cushion puff single-color blusher that expresses color smoothly with a gentle touch of enclosed puff. Supple cushion texture that feels like fleecy cloud surrounding your cheeks. Gentle touch brings out pleasing fragrance. Pink Cushion - Pink color emphasizing cutie look..
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Feng Shui Qilin statue is one of the feng shui heavenly creatures to attract the powerful cosmic breath of the dragon. Feng Shui Chi Lin statue has dragon head and scales of carp over the horse body. Chi Lin is also called Chinese dragon horse, Kei Loons or Chinese Unicorn Feng Shui. Qilin has the meanings of success, prosperity, wealth, enchantment and longevity. They are also the creature to bring good omens and outstanding offspring as well as keep off bad Chi. You can place Chi in the North location to enhance career luck, Southwest corner to increase love chance and Northeast position to help children's education. Height: 15cm Width: 17cm.
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Double Hu Lu Gourd43200 Points
A Resplendent Union and the previous design Heaven and Earth in Harmony share a similar story but are expressed differently. This design thoroughly utilizes LIULI’s transparency to its advantage in its expression of the universe, time and space. The two simplified 'hulu' in hollow relief are covered in gold foil for an arresting and resplendent expression. .
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