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· Brand: REMAX · Name: Mortal Suction Mosquito Lamp · Model: RT-MK02 · Mosquito Control Method: Light Attraction+Air Suction+Physical Drying · DC Voltage: 5V · Coverage Area: 20m2 · Features: Secure Design / Radiationless / Physical Mosquito · Size: 135*135*183mm · Colors: Black / White.
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The Rich Water Bright Cleansing Wipes eliminate all traces of makeup. Practically cleansing the skin without irritation thanks to the hydrating rice water extract they contain..
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The lotion Contains Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract and other natural plant extract to soothe sensitive symptoms caused by the outside world.nourish and repair, make skin moist, regulate the water and oil balance of skin,awaken the skin citality and tenacity. The Cladosophon Novae-Caledoniae Extract is able to repair cuticle, makes skin healthy and young. .
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